Hedgehog in a Hat Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

This master class contains a complete description of the incoccess of knitting toys, including photos of details.

The magic ring toy is knitted from the bottom up, “half-cross the magic ring”, in a spiral (if not with the magic ring

other). The upper paws and nose are tied in, the head and ears are sewn on. The needles are knitted separately, like a wig. The wig is sewn on. The clothes are not removable and are knitted directly onto the toy.

When using magic ring materials, the height of the finished toy is about 20 cm.

Mark the beginning of the magic ring of each row with a contrasting thread, thinner than the one from

with which you knit a toy.

Required materials and tools:

1. Hook that matches your outfit.

2. YarnArt JEANS in any colors you choose. I have No. 87 main and No. 70

for the nose and needles.

3. Filler.

4. Eyes on a secure 10 mm fastening, either infused or glued (beads, half a bead – your choice).

5. White felt circles with a diameter of 15 mm for proteins.

6. Needle for embroidering parts, scissors, pins, marker thread. Crepemagic ring thread for


7. I used Yarnart Jeans for pants #82; for porridge: 29, 11, 90, 35

8. In the magic ring, as an additional accessory, you can take ready-made glasses 57-60 mm wide.


MAGİC RING – amigurumi ring

sc – single crochet

double crochet – double crochet

ch – air loop

p – loop ince of the previous row

inc – incibavmagic ring

dec – decаmagic ring

sl-st – connecting post

(…)*X – repeat X times magic ringx placed in bracketsmagic ringx

The number after the signmagic ring = means final

number of loops in a row

7ujUpper legs

1st row: 5 sc in MAGİC RING

2nd row: 5 inc = 10

Rows 3-12: = 10 sc

in the 13th row we change inc to the color of the magic rings

Rows 13-16: = 10 sc

Stuff only the bottom part. Fold in half and knit 5 sc on both sides. Fasten the thread and cut it.

We will tie the paws.


We dial 5 ch, from the second from the magic ring hook we knit loops:

1st row: inc, 2 sc, 4 sc in 1 loop, 2 sc, inc = 12

Row 2: 2 inc, 2 sc, 4 inc, 2 sc, 2 inc = 20

3-4 rows: 20 sc

5 row: 10 dec

Fasten the thread and cut it.

We’ll tie up the nose


1st row: 6 sc in MAGİC RING

2nd row: 6 inc = 12

Row 3: (1 sc, inc)*6 = 18

Row 4: (2 sc, inc)*6 = 24

Row 5: (3 sc, inc)*6 = 30

Row 6: (4 sc, inc)*6 = 36

Row 7: (5 sc, inc)*6 = 42

Row 8: (6 sc, inc)*6 = 48

Row 9: (7 sc, inc)*6 = 54

Row 10: (8 sc, inc)*6 = 60

Rows 11-12: 60 sc

Row 13: (9 sc, inc)*6 = 66

Rows 14-18: 66 sc

In the next row we will knit the cheeks

and tie your nose in.

Row 19: 19 sc, (1 sc, inc)*6, 5 sc with 5 nose loops, (inc, 1 sc)*6, 18

sc = 78

Row 20: 37 sc, 5 sc along the remaining nose loops, 36 sc = 78

Fill your nose with a light magic ring.

Rows 21-30: 78 sc

If you are using eyes on a safety mount, install them on

at this stage. Magic ring To do this, see the addition, after the main text. In this master class I will use glue eyes.

Row 31: (11 sc, dec)*6 = 72

Row 32: (7 sc, dec)*8 = 64

Row 33: (6 sc, dec)*8 = 56

Row 34: (5 sc, dec)*8 = 48

Row 35: (4 sc, dec)*8 = 40

Row 36: (3 sc, dec)*8 = 32

Row 37: (2 sc, dec)*8 = 24

We fill the head tightly, but without unnecessary zeal

Keep in mind that there will be tension. We fasten the thread and inc it inside.

Lower legs

1st row: 6 sc in MAGİC RING

2nd row: 6 inc = 12

Row 3: (1 sc, inc)*6 = 18

4-5 rows: 18 sc

6th row: 3 sc, 6 dec, 3 sc = 12

change the inc to the color of the panties:

Row 7: 12 sc

We knit the next row using the back half loops:

Row 8: 12 sc

Row 9: (1 sc, inc)*6 = 18

Row 10: 18 sc

Row 11: (2 sc, inc)*6 = 24

Row 12: 24 sc

On the first leg we knit an additional 6 sc, fasten the thread and cut it. Count back 12 sc, place a marker. This is the junction with

second leg.

On the second leg we also knit 6 sc inc, do not cut the thread.


We stuff the body tightly, in the process of knitting.

We knit a chain of 3 chains, connecting the second paw to the first, in the previously marked loop.

1st row: 24 sc on the first leg, 3 sc on the chain from ch, 24 sc on the second leg, 3 sc on the chain from ch.

Total number of loops in a row = 54

We put a marker thread.

2nd row: (8 sc, inc)*6 = 60

3rd row: 60 sc

Row 4: (9 sc, inc)*6 = 66

Rows 5-11: 66 sc

Row 12: (9 sc, dec)*6 = 60

Row 13: 60 sc

Row 14: (8 sc, dec)*6 = 54 Row 15: 54 sc

Row 16: (7 sc, dec)*6 = 48

From the 17th row we will knit a red urchin. The stripes alternate magic ring every 2 rows:

Row 17: 48 sc for back half loops = 48

Row 18: (6 sc, dec)*6 = 42

change color

Row 19: 42 sc

Row 20: (5 sc, dec)*6 = 36

change color

21st row: 36 sc

Row 22: (4 sc, dec)*6 = 30

change color

Row 23: 30 sc

In the 24th row we will knit the upper legs. Stuff the main part of the body quite tightly, but not

to end. Leave about 1 cm to inc and tie-

It was comfortable for you to fit your paws, and the filler didn’t get between the posts.

Separate the places of tying strictly according to the magic rings: 5 sc each along with the paws of the magic rings,

there are 10 sc between them.

Taking into account my offset, I ended up with this:

Row 24: 6 sc, 5 sc with foot, 10 sc, 5 sc with foot, 4

sc = 30

change color

Row 25: 30 sc

Row 26: (3 sc, dec)*6 = 24

in the next row we change the inc to the body color:

Row 27: 24 sc

Knit if you need a few more

columns (I got 1 sc and sl-st in the next

loop) and fasten the thread at the back center of the back. Leave about 50 cm for incising the head. Remove the marker thread. Pack tightly

detail to the end.

At this stage we will tie the pillars with magic rings and single crochets.


We tie the trouser legs along the remaining outside

half loops of the 8th row, holding the magic ring knife toy

to yourself.

We tie the top of the panties along the remaining

outside the half loops of the 17th row, holding the toy

magic ring knife from myself.

Sew your head. When sewing, do not forget to tuck filler into the neck. For convenience, you can fix the head to the body with a knitting needle.

Weightmagic ring

We form the tightening regardless of whether we put eyes or they will

adhesive. In the magic ring as an example, a diagram for tightening the bear magic ring is given.

Let’s form the mouth and eye parts using a stretcher. Let’s mark the maces with magic rings on

6 points on the muzzle.

Let’s separate the middle of the muzzle. It is convenient to do this by inserting a thread, a knitting needle

or needle down from the center of the nose. Place marks between rows 29 and 30.

Between the clubsmagic rings 2-3 sc.

Between the 18th and 19th rows we mark 4 more points from the outer and inner corners of the eyes. From the inner corners this is the beginning and end of the knitted magic ring wear. Between

internal and external magic rings 2-3 sc.

Insert the needle into point 1, leave the end of the thread about 25-30 cm, bring it to

point 2. Next to point 3, output at point 6.

We insert the thread so that it forms a magic ring under the eye and a felt circle,

pull it together and tie it in 2 knots. Without cutting the thread, insert it at point 6, bring it out at point 5, then to point 4, bring it out at point 1. Tighten, tie

a couple of knots. inc we put the threads inside the head. The last knot and the insertion points and

The thread outlet can be carefully lubricated with universal transparent glue.

I have a “Crystal Moment”.

Using the same principle, we make tightenings for glue eyes.


1st row: 6 sc in MAGİC RING

2nd row: 6 inc = 12

Row 3: (1 sc, inc)*6 = 18

Fasten the thread, leave about 45-50 cm for

incision, trimming.

Sewing up the ears

We fold the ears in half, making 1-

2 magic ring stitches and incise for 21 rows (from the crown).

Between the ears 42 sc (counting 21 rows). To sew details symmetrically, focus on the center of the magic ring wear.

We secure the thread by inserting it inside the head.

Lower place

Leave a piece of thread about 30 cm, cast it in MAGİC RİNG 6 sc, tighten it.

Leave a length of about 40-45 cm, cut it

a thread.

We have a part close to the magic ring in shape to a semicircle. We measure the part, fasten it at a distance of 2-

3 rows down from mouth tightening. We fix the middle of the place a little lower than the edges. When sewing, the thread tension should be moderate. Don’t tighten too much. We bring the middle thread to the back of the head (at

MAGİC RİNG) and back through any adjacent column. I threw a small stitch from the center of the ring

through the row into the head. You can repeat it again. We make the stitch tightly, but do not tighten it. The thread is inserted inside the head with several entangling stitches of magic rings.

Using the second piece of thread, we fix both edges of the thread. We make stitches up and

back. We bring it to the place where the nose is tied (between 18 and 19 rows). Thanks to the magic rings, they will be invisible there.

We glue the eyes

We glue the eyes first to the felt circles of magic rings, and then to the muzzle.

I used universal translucent glue “Moment Crystal”.


Option 1 (from YarnArt JEANS)

We knit the entire wig using the back walls of the loops.

1st row: 6 sc in MAGİC RING

2nd row: 6 inc = 12

Row 3: (1 sc, inc)*6 = 18

Row 4: (2 sc, inc)*6 = 24

Row 5: (3 sc, inc)*6 = 30

Row 6: (4 sc, inc)*6 = 36

Row 7: (5 sc, inc)*6 = 42

Row 8: (6 sc, inc)*6 = 48

Row 9: (7 sc, inc)*6 = 54

Row 10: (8 sc, inc)*6 = 60

Rows 11-12: 60 sc

Measure the resulting “hat” onto the toy. It must reach

ears. If necessary, you can knit (or not knit) the required number of rows. We don’t cut the thread, we keep it in place. Rotate the wig

with the inner part to yourself. Boo Let’s knit the needles in the opposite direction.

We form needles from chains ch. We hook the chains to those remaining outside

half loops sl-st. Make the length of the chain (magic ring of each “needle”) as you wish.

It will look good from 10 to 15 ch. For me it’s 12 ch. If you plan

Then put a Panama hat on the magic ring hedgehogs, knit the needle chains shorter.

We dial 12 ch, fasten our “needle” into the next half-loop sl-st.

For the next needle, in the next half loop we make sl-st, cast on again

a chain of 12 ch and fasten it again into the next half-loop. This is how we knit

By magic ring we won’t reach the center. To make the crown of the magic ring look neater, a few

The last chain of needles on the crown can be made 2-3 loops shorter.


We knit the entire wig with “magic rings”

1st row: 6 sc in MAGİC RING

2nd row: 6 inc = 12

Row 3: (1 sc, inc)*6 = 18

Row 4: (2 sc, inc)*6 = 24

Row 5: (3 sc, inc)*6 = 30

Row 6: (4 sc, inc)*6 = 36

Row 7: (5 sc, inc)*6 = 42

Row 8: (6 sc, inc)*6 = 48

We will continue to knit without increments. Try on the wig in a knitting process,

Individually adjusting the height of the forehead to your liking. The wig should reach your ears.

If your density matches mine, then you will get 6 more rows. If

this will be too much or not enough – don’t tie it up or tie it up

the required number of rows.

Rows 9-14: 48 sc

Place the wig on the toy’s head, secure it with the magic rings and


The hedgehog is ready!


Install the magic ring peephole on a secure mount.

Description and photographs taken from the master class “Monya Incyaniki”.

We install the eyes between the 17th and 18th rows. Between installation locations 6-8

sc. Center the eyes relative to the nose.

Take felt circles. Carefully, so that there is no wrinkle left, fold it in half and make small cuts, shifting it slightly from the center to


We turn the circles and make perpendicular cuts (the result is a crisscross pattern).

We insert eyes into them and secure them in the canvas.

Later, after tightening, the felt can be carefully fixed





For Vasilisa I used YarnArt JEANS. For the body No. 83, for the nose 65, for shoes, skirt and hat 81, for the stripe on the hat 84. Body: YarnArt Jeans Splash No. 943

Wig from YarnArt SAMBA No. 99.

1. Color transition for shoes in row 7. Row 8 is knitted in the usual way,

for both walls of the loops.

2. Change the color of the legs to the color of the body inc and join the legs, starting with a chain of ch.

3. Row 13 of the body is knitted behind the back walls of the half loops.

4. We knit the skirt by inserting the hook behind the remaining walls of the half-loops of the 13th row

bodies, pillars magic rings with one crochet:

1st row: 2 double croched in magic ring, every half loop = 120

Row 2: 2 double croched in magic ring, every half loop = 240

3rd row: 240 double croched

Hatmagic ring

1st row: 6 sc in MAGİC RING

2nd row: 6 inc = 12

Row 3: (inc, 1 sc)*6 = 18

Row 4: (2 sc, inc)*6 = 24

Row 5: (inc, 3 sc)*6 = 30

Row 6: (2 sc, inc, 2 sc)*6 = 36

Row 7: (4 sc, inc, 1 sc)*6 = 42

8th row: 42 sc for the back half loops (or concave pillars of magic rings

single crochet)

Rows 9-10: 42 sc

change color

Rows 11-12: 42 sc

change color

Row 13: 42 sc

We knit the next row (14th row) using the front half-loops:

Row 14: (6 sc, inc)*6 = 48

then in the usual way:

Row 15: (inc, 7 sc)*6 = 54

Row 16: (2 sc, inc, 6 sc)*6 = 60

Row 17: 60 stitches in lobster step

You can secure the hat on your head with decorative ribbons (in

including tied ones) cord with magic rings, elastic band, etc. Can be decorated

flower magic rings, beads, tie or trim the fields with lace.

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed both the incocessl-sta and

from the result!