Amigurumi Red Hat Girl Free Crochet Pattern

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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Marshmallow Bear Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;

sc – single crochet
ch – air loop incib –
inc bonus
dec – decave
chn-air lifting loop
sl-st-connecting column
psl-stn-half-column with a crochet
The height of the doll is 30 cm. On an incovolar frame. Knitted from 100% cotton. The eyes are embroidered.
Threads for the doll – any at your discretion, suitable for hook 1.5 – I have for the calf – Lira flesh-colored.
Threads for clothes of red – Children’s cotton, white-COCO, black – Children’s cotton (but you can do without black), and khaki or green for shoes – Alize Diva silk effect – you can replace these threads at your discretion, but the hook 1.5, so pick up under the hook.
I advise you to take all the threads of Alize Diva, they are absolutely chic. Threads for hair Semyonovskaya silk effect + hair styling foam and curling iron.
Hook 1.5.
Filler – holofiber.
Mouline for knitting eyes.
Threads for hair or a ready-made wig, or tresl-sts.
Scissors, needles, adhesive tape for attaching the frame.
İncowire for the frame.
White beads of different sizes and white beads for embroidery on the cap.
Hands -2pcs-knit equally.
Flesh colored thread.
Hook 1.5
1p-6sc in magic ring
2p-inch 6 times = 12
6p-3sc in one loop (finger), 11sc = 14
7p-3sc together in one loop, 11sc = 12
Row 10-30-8sc-21 or 168sc in round without marker.
Cut the thread to hide. Do not fill the handles with filler.
When you tie the handles, measure the length of the inco-wire, so that it is sufficient along the length of the arms + 5-7 cm, so that later you can hide in the body.
Sole 2pcs-thread black – knit the same way.
1p- Cast on 7ch, from the second loop from the hook 5sc, 5sc to the last loop, on the other side of the chain 4sc, 3sc to the last loop = 17
2p-inc, 4sc, inc x 6 times, 4sc, inc x 2 times = 26
3p-6sc, (inc, 1sc) x 6 times, 9sc = 32
4p-inc, 9sc, (inc, 3sc) x 2 times, 14sc = 35, sl-st Cut the thread. İnc and connect the thread of the color of the shoe exactly in the middle at the back
5p-for rear pp 35sc
6-8p-35sc-3 rows Insert insole (optional). The marker is exactly in the back in the middle.
9р-dec, 9sc, decх 7 times, 10sc=27
10р-dec, 9sc, decх 4 times, 8sc=22
11p-8sc, decx 3 times, 8sc=19
12p-7sc, dec, 1sc, dec, 7sc = 17 Cut the thread about 1 meter, lower it into the base of the sole, tie the edge of the sole with a crustacean step for the left points. İnc and connect the flesh-colored thread – exactly in the middle at the back. At this stage of knitting, you can insert the frame for the legs. Make a loop at the end of the incline according to the length of the foot, the length of the entire incubicle is about 20cm, the diameter of the incubicle is 2mm (thickness is similar to needles No. 2) Stuff the filler into the foot. Then fill with filler as you knit.
13p-for the back pp, 5sc, dec, 3sc, dec, 5sc=15
16-19p-12sc Further, all decs and incs go exactly in the middle at the back, except for incs on the knee.
20p-inc, 11sc=13
23p-inc, 12sc=14
26p-inc, 13sc=15
27-32r-15sc-6 rows
35r-4sc, incx 4 times, 4sc-knee-inc are located exactly in the middle in front = 16
36p-4sc,decx 4 times,4sc=12
37p-12sc Further, all incibavki are located exactly behind.
41p-inc, 1sc, inc, 11sc=16
44p-inc, 3sc, inc, 11sc=18
47p-inc, 17sc=19
49r-inc, 18sc=20
51p-inc, 19sc=21
52-53r-21sc knit the left leg in the same way as the left. Do not cut the thread with your foot! We fold the legs in half and fix the middle of the inner side of the legs, connect the legs

1p-İnco knit 4ch, inc and join sc to the inside of the left leg, along the left leg 21sc, 4sc along ch, 21sc along the inc leg, 2sc along the cc (not a full row), put a marker, exactly in the middle of the back. Further, the marker will go exactly in the middle of the back, unless otherwise indicated.
10p-(9sc,dec) x4 times=40

14p-dec,36sc,dec=38 15p-38sc
17-28p-36sc-12 rows or 432sc in round without marker. Next, move the marker to the middle of the back. Don’t forget to stuff the filler!
Hand attachment
1p-10sc across the back, inc inc with the left arm in the wrong position, 1sc arms and 1sc torso inc together, 16sc in front, 1sc in your arm and 1sc torso inc together, 8sc in back.
2p-+2ps (marker exactly in the middle of the back), 9sc on the back, 6sc on the arm, dec (raglan line), 12sc in front, dec (raglan line), 6sc on the arm, 9sc on the back = 44 2 and back 2 without affecting the arm loops. If you have lost inc and inc stitches at the joining of hands, then inco knit another zero row, and add or remove stitches so that you have 3 rows of 44sc before knitting.
3p-7sc,dec,6sc,dec,10sc,dec,6sc,dec,7sc=40 Insert inc arm frame. Choose the length of the incovoles according to the length of your doll’s arms.
8p-(2sc, dec) x6 =18
9р-(1sc, dec) x6 =12

Shoulders fill tighter.
Corporal incyazha
Stuff in the course of knitting tightly, but not much.
Since the eyes will
1p-Dial 12ch, close in a circle
1p-inc x12 times = 24
2p-(3sc,inc) x6 =30
3p-(4sc,inc) x6 =36
4p-(5sc,inc) x6 =42
5p-(6sc,inc) x6 =48
6p-(7sc, inc) x6 = 54
7p-(8sc, inc) x6 = 60
8-20p-60sc-13 rows Next, make all decave invisible.
21р-(8sc, dec) x6 =54
22p-(7sc, dec) x6 = 48
23p-(6sc, dec) x6 = 42
24p-(5sc, dec) x6 = 36
25р-(4sc, dec) x6 =30
26p-(3sc, dec) x6 = 24
27р-(2sc, dec) x6 =18
28р-(1sc, dec) x6 =12
29p-6dec =6 Tighten the hole. Do not incise your head.
COCO white.
Hook #1.5 and #2
Cast on 24 air loops. Next, knit in turning rows.
2p-chp, 3sc, inc, 5sc, inc, 7sc, inc, 5sc, inc, 4sc=
6p-chp, 6sc, inc (put the marker in the last st of the inc increase), 4chp, sl-st2n in the base loop under the marker, (inc from sl-st2n) x 9 times, 1sl-st2n, 4ch in the base loop, we also consider this sc ,12sc,inc (place marker in last st inc), 4chp,sl-st2n into base st under marker, (inc from sl-st2n) x 9 times, 1sl-st2n,4ch into base st,
count this sc too, 7sc 7p-6sc, * 4ch, fasten to the first sl-st2n, 4chp, then we make incs from sl-st2n and knit 2ch between them. , 4ch and once again we fasten into a loop under the marker *, 14sc along the front, and then repeat from * to *, 7sc 8p-chp, 7sc, 3ch, inc all sleeve loops, 14sc, 3ch, inc all sleeve loops, 6sc 9p- 6sc, 3sc in ch, 14sc, 3sc in ch, 7sc 10p-inc from sl-st2n in each loop, 2ch in between.
11-12p-repeat 10p (increment to do in each column of inc of the next row).
13p-sl-st2n in each column of the next row, and between them 2ch.
14p-sl-st2n in each column of the next row, and between them 2ch. and pico from 3ch. Finish knitting. Tie around the edge of the sc. Hide the thread. İnco iron products from the wrong side. Put shorts on the doll and fasten on the doll with a thread so that they do not fall off. Wear a blouse. Sew up at the back. Fold the sleeves towards the neck. It will turn out like a vest, incish
a bead in front, and sew on the back on the back.

green or khaki – I have alize diva silk effect – color 109
Dial 50ch, close knitting in a circle.
5-7p-3chp, 49sl-st1n, sl-st Next, knit 4ch, inc 24sc, in 25sc inci and connect the chain from ch, then knit the leg in a circle.
1r-3chp, 24sl-st1n, 4sl-st1n by ch, sl-st
2p-3chp, (inc from sl-st1n, 1sl-st1n) x 14 times, sl-st
3p-3chp, 43sl-st1n, sl-st
4p-5chp, (sl-st2n, 1ch) – to the end of the row
5p-5chp, (inc from sl-st2n between them 2ch) – inc do in each loop. Cut the thread and hide with a needle. Knit the second leg in the same way as the first, starting knitting from a chain of 4ch on a gusset

A thread of red (Children’s cotton from Pekhorka) and white (SOSO) colors. Hook №1.5 Upper part
1p-Thread red-8sc in KA, then knit in a circle.
2p-inc, 7sc=9
3p-inc, 8sc=10
4p-inc, 9sc=11
5p-inc, 10sc=12
6p-inc, 12sc=13
7p-inc, 13sc=14
8p-inc, 14sc=15
9p-(inc, 4sc) x 3 times = 18
10p-(5sc, inc) x 3 times = 21
11p-(inc, 6sc) x 3 times = 24

12p-(7sc, inc) x 3 times = 27
13p-(inc, 8sc) x 3 times = 30
14p-(9sc, inc) x 3 times = 33
15p-(inc, 10sc) x 3 times = 36
16p-(11sc, inc) x 3 times = 39
17p-(inc, 12sc) x 3 times = 42
18p-(13sc, p) x 3 times = 45
19p-(inc, 14sc) x 3 times = 48
20p-(15sc, inc) x 3 times = 51
21p-(inc, 16sc) x 3 times = 54
22p-(17sc, inc) x 3 times = 57
23p-(inc, 18sc) x 3 times = 60
24p-(19sc, inc) x 3 times = 63
25p-(inc, 20sc) x 3 times = 66
26p-(4sc, inc) x 2 times, 2sc, inc, 40sc, inc, 2sc, (inc, 4sc) x 2 times = 72
27p-(inc, 5sc) x 2 times, inc, 3sc, 40sc, inc, 3sc, (inc, 5sc) x 2 times = 78
28p-(6sc, inc) x 2 times, 4sc, inc, 40sc, inc, 4sc, (inc, 6sc) x 2 times = 84
29p-(inc, 13sc) x 6 times = 90
30r-(14sc, inc) x 6 times = 96
31p-(inc, 15sc) x 6 times = 102
32p-(inc, 4sc) x 3 times, 87sc=105
33r-87sc, (5sc, inc) x 3 times = 108
34p-(inc, 17sc) x 6 times = 114
35r-(18sc, inc) x 6 times = 120
36p-(inc, 11sc) x 10 times = 130
37r-(12sc, inc) x 10 times = 140
38p-(inc, 13sc) x 10 times = 150
39-43r-150sc-last row knit in st.
Leave a thread of about 100 cm for stitching parts.
The bottom of the hat
White thread (COCO)
Hook №1.5
chn-air lifting loop
ZPP-rear half-loop
np-incomplete series
Cast on 20ch, then work in turning rows with incline ch(chp).
Attention! There will be incomplete rows in the knitting of this part, follow the description,
an incomplete row will be denoted as – np.
1p-from the second from the hook of the loop 19sc to the back p – hereinafter in the description it will be denoted as – (zpp)
2p-chp, 19sc for snp, pov
3p-chp, 19sc for snp, pov
4p-chp, 19sc for snp, pov
5p-chp, 15sc for snp, pov-np
6p-thread before work, from 2 loops from the hook 14sc, p. Next, the photo shows the method of knitting an incomplete row of ribs. The sample indicates 10 loops, we have a different number. Therefore, we only change the method.
7р-chп,14sc for zpp, then as shown in the photo*,5sc=19
Then repeat knitting from 2 to 7 rows.
The length of the strip should be equal to the circumference of the hat fields.
Many will knit from other threads, so we do not count the rows.
Next, incise white beads on the hat or inc-glue white half-dead beads, imitating dots on the fly agaric.
Next, collect the crown of the hat into an accordion with a hat-colored thread.
İncish sew the edge of the strip to the hat for the left pp.,
sew the other edge with invisible stitches to the inside of the hat (try not to pull the fabric together).
Hide the thread.
The edge was incised with ordinary stitches, white thread. And to the head it was sewn with a red thread, in the tone of the hat, attached to the head, in different places in a circle. The red hat must be ironed first from the inside (field). Then incise the white part first along the edge, then incise from the inside. She should be a little fake.
Now we will embroider eyes
2-strand floss Black, iris color, white, and thread for embroidery of eyebrows. Scheme We start with marking the eyes. We take pins – for each eye you need 4 pcs. The distance between the ocelli is approximately 6 to 8 sc. Eye width 7sc. We introduce the thread from the crown. We start embroidery from the left eye.

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