Friendly Bears Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

To create this toy you will need:

• semi-cotton incyazha

(alize cotton gold, yarnart

jeans and inc.)

• hook 2 mm;

• holofiber / synthetic winterizer;

• magic ring for ears and cheeks;

• interlining/ddeclerin;

• peepholes with safe

fastening 8 mm;

• 4 buttons 10-12 mm;

• incyaza cotton or semi-cotton for embroidering the nose, mouth and


• magic ring thread for incising cheeks and ears;

• a long needle with a wide eye for incishivanie parts of the body;

• marker (pinsmagic ring) to mark the beginning of the row.


MAGİC RİNG – amigurumi ring;

sc – single crochet;

İNC – incibavmagic ring;

DEC – decаmagic ring;

CH – air loop;

(1 sc, İNC) * 6 – repeat the combination in magic rings brackets 6 times;

(1 sc, İNC)*6 (18) – digit in magic rings brackets at the end of the line – general

the number of single crochets in a row.


1. 6sc in MAGİC RİNG (6);

2. 6’NC (12);

3. (1sc, İNC)*6 (18);

4. (2sc, İNC)*6 (24);

5. 1sc, (İNC, 3sc)*5, İNC, 2sc (30);

6. (4sc, İNC) *6 (36);

7. 2sc, (İNC, 5sc)*5, İNC, 3sc (42);

8. (6sc, İNC)*6 (48);

9. 3sc, (İNC, 7sc)*5, İNC, 4sc (54);

10. (8sc, İNC)*6 (60);

11. 4sc, (İNC, 9sc)*5, İNC, 5sc (66);

12. (10sc, İNC)*6 (72);

13. – 15. (3 rows) unchanged (72);

16. (10sc, DEC)*6 (66);

17. 4sc, (DEC, 9sc)*5, DEC, 5sc (60);

18. (8sc, DEC)*6 (54);

19. 3sc, (DEC, 7sc)*5, DEC, 4sc (48);

20. (6sc, DEC)*6 (42);

21. 2sc, (DEC, 5sc)*5, DEC, 3sc (36);

– start stuffing your head with filler;

22. (4sc, DEC)*6 (30);

23. 1sc, (DEC, 3sc)*5, DEC, 2sc (24);

24. (2sc, DEC)*6 (18).

– finish knitting, cut the thread.

Insert eyes between 13 and 14

rows at a distance of 14


We embroider the nose between 14 and 17


Eyebrows between 9 and 11 side by side

3 loops wide and high

in 1 loop.

EARS (2 parts):

1. 6sc in MAGİC RİNG;

2. 6 NC (12);

3. (1sc, İNC)*6 (18);

4. (2sc, İNC)*3, 9sc (21).

– finish knitting, leave

long end for inc.

İncoglue a piece with interlining

Тmagic ring and cut out 4 circles. I AM

used a 15mm button

magic ring stencil. İncishite

circles to the ears and cheeks magic rings.

İncishit ears to head between

7 and 12 rows.


Without connecting posts and lifting loops!


1. from the second loop from the magic ring hook 6sc, 3sc to the last loop,

5sc on the other side of the chain, İNC (16);

2. İNC, 5sc, 3 İNC, 5sc, 2 İNC (22);

3. 1sc, İNC, 5sc, (1sc, İNC)*3, 5sc, (1sc, İNC)*2 (28);

4. 2sc, İNC, 5sc, (2sc, İNC)*3, 5sc, (2sc, İNC)*2 (34);

5. 3sc, İNC, 5sc, (3sc, İNC)*3, 5sc, (3sc, İNC)*2 (40);

6.- 8. (3 rows) unchanged (40);

9. (18sc, DEC)*2 (38);

10. (17sc, DEC)*2 (36);

11. (10sc, DEC)*3 (33);


13. (9sc, DEC)*3 (30);


15. (8sc, DEC)*3 (27);


– start stuffing the body with filler;

17. (7sc, DEC)*3 (24);


19. (6sc, DEC)*3 (21);


21. (5sc, DEC)*3 (18).

– finish knitting, leave the thread for incishing.

Embroider the navel between 8 and 9 rows with a width of 2 loops.

LOWER LEGS (2 parts):


1. from the second loop from the magic ring hook 8sc, 3sc to the last loop,

7sc on the other side of the chain, İNC (20);

2. İNC, 7sc, 3İNC, 7sc, 2 İNC (26);

3. 1sc, İNC, 7sc, (1sc, İNC)*3, 7sc, (1sc, İNC)*2 (32);

4.- 5. 2 rows unchanged (32);

6. 9sc, 7DEC, 9sc (25);

7. 7sc, 5DEC, 8sc (20);

8.5sc, 5DEC, 5sc (15);

9. (3sc, DEC)*3 (12);

– tightly fill the foot;

10.- 34. (25 rows) unchanged (12) total 300sc;


– stuff a little magic ring in half;

– pull the hole, tighten the thread.

UPPER LEGS (2 parts):

1. 6sc in MAGİC RİNG;

2. (1sc, İNC)*3 (9);

3. – 22. (20 rows) without

changes (9) total

180 sc;


– stuff a little magic ring in half;

– pull the hole, thread



1. 6sc in MAGİC RİNG;

2. 6’NC (12);

3. (1sc, İNC)*6 (18);


5. (1sc, DEC)*6 (12).

– finish knitting, leave

thread for incishivanie.


• İncishit head to body. Author’s tip: celebrate

markers in front of the middle of the hole on the head and on the body;

we take a thread, we put each end of the magic ring into a separate needle,

we start incising from the middle (where we marked with markers) and

we move with the corresponding needle to the left and wincavo. So both

the needles will meet at the back exactly in the middle, and the head will

Incishita symmetrically to the body. As you incise

stuff the neck area so that the head does not outweigh and


• Incise arms and legs with cotton/semi-cotton thread in 4

(or more) additions, magic ring on the magic ring but on the magic ring picture. it

fastening is called button. Long needle with thread

inc we put in the place of attachment of one arm / leg through the body,

we go out at the place of attachment of the second arm / leg, string

hand / foot on the needle, then we string the button and

we return through the same hole to the initial

hole, string

second arm/leg, then

button and again through the hand.

Tie the ends of the thread to

several knots and inc

thread to the body.

• İncishivaem behind the tail so that our mishmagic ring can

sit and the tail did not interfere with him. Ethen incimerly between 5 and

10 rows.

That’s all! Your long-legged magic ring is ready!

You can knit him a scarf or add others