Bull Vest Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

This master class is quite detailed, but it does not contain knitting lessons. There are many

various loops and if you really want to knit it, but you don’t know how to do something, then it’s better to google,

for example, magic ring to knit elongated loops.

The complexity of knitting and design: above average

Goby 21.5 cm from heels to tips of horns. Stands on its own without support.

If you replace the magic ring for insoles with plastic, do not use tinting, use safe

eyes, then it can easily be a play toy and be washed in a typewriter.

Sl-stylmagic ring to the source if suddenly something is not clear


1. YarnArt Jeans, colors 46, 76, 86

2. Yarn Pekhormagic ring Openwork, light gray color

3. Hook Clover 1.75;

4. Filler;

5. Needle for tightening;

6. White polymer clay for the eyes and beads for the pupils, or ready-made eyes (the diameter is better

not less than 12 mm);

7. Floristic magic ring and wire magic ring, D 0.90 mm, about 10 cm (needed if you will sculpt eyes, but not

want to stick them), or glue moment Crystal;

8. Dry pastel for tinting and a brush for applying it (you can not tint at all);

9. Tight magic ring for insoles, very little is needed;

10. Mini buttons for a vest;

11. Velcro magic ring or brush magic ring for combing (optional)


MAGİC RİNG – amigurumi ring

Ch – air loop

Sc – single crochet

Dc – double crochet

S2n – double crochet

S3n – a column with three crochets

PSN – half-column

P – addingmagic ring

U – decаmagic ring

TU – triple decamagic ring

Sl-st – connecting post

PS – front wallmagic ring loop

Zc – back wallmagic ring loop


We start in grey.


1. P, P, P for Zs, P, P, P (12)

2. (2 sc, P) * 4 times (16)

3-5. 16 sc

6. 8 sc, s2n in PS of the first row, 7 sc (16)

7.16 sc

Change color to main

8. (2 sc, Y) * 4 times (12)

9-10. 12 sc

11. (1 sc, Y) * 4 times (8)


Fill the gray part tightly enough. Next, we stuff our hand as we knit, not very tightly, but

the last 3-4 rows of hands are not stuffed at all. You can not stuff, but insert magic ringрmagic rings, for example.

13-26. 8 sc

Leave a small end of the thread.


We knit with the main color


1-20. 5 sc

Leave a small end of the thread.

Wrap light yarn around four fingers of the hand. With a long thread, fasten her magic ring to the brush. At

Using the needle, pull the long end of the thread through the tail. Do not cut tails.


We knit with light yarn. Dial 20 ch, from the second from the magic ring hook:

1. P, 17 sc, 4 in the last loop, on the other side: 17 sc, P (42)

2.42 sc

3. P, P, 18 sc, P * 3 times, 18 sc, P (48)

4.48 sc

5. 6 sc, 4 dc in one loop, 11 sc, 4 dc in one loop, 29 sc (54)

6.54 sc

7. 6 sc, 4 dc knit the magic ring to one loop (with one top – this will be a demagic ring), 11 sc, 4 dc knit

magic ring to one loop (with one top – this is the second decamagic ring), 29 sc (48)

8.48 sc

9. (TU, 21 sc) * 2 times (44)

Knit another 23 sc and leave a small tip of the thread.


We knit with the main color.


1. P * 6 times (12)

2. (1 sc, P) * 6 times (18)

3-9. 18 sc

Fold in half and knit 9 sc behind both halves of the ear. Leave a small end of the thread.


We knit with light yarn.


1. (1 sc, P) * 3 times (9)

2-3. 9 sc

4. (2 sc, P) * 3 times (12)

5-7. 12 sc

8. (3 sc, P) * 3 times (15)

9-12. 15 sc

Leave a small end of the thread.


First leg. We start in grey.


1. P * 8 times (16)

2. (1 sc, P) * 2 times, (2 psn, P psn) * 2 times, 2 psn, (P, 1 sc) * 2 times (22)

Circle this detail on the magic ring and cut out 2 insoles at once. We continue to knit.

3. 22 sc per 3s

4-6. 22 sc, insert the insole, it can be glued, but I did not glue it.

7. 6 sc, TU, 3 sc, TU, 7 sc (18)

8. 9 sc, s3n in 11 loop of the third row for ps, 8 sc (18)

Change color to main.

9.18 sc

10. (4 sc, Y) * 3 times (15)

11.15 sc

Stuff the leg tightly enough.

12. 7 sc, U, 6 sc (14)

13.14 sc

We turn to knitting the base, we continue knitting on the same leg: 7 sc is the first row

grounds. Next, we knit in rotary rows, at the end of the magic ring of each row you need to knit a loop

lifting and making a U-turn:

2-15. 6 sc

Cut the thread leaving a small tip.

Second leg.

We repeat the knitting of the first leg up to the 12th row inclusive. We continue to knit on the leg 9 sc.

Now we need to connect this leg to the base, knit together 6 sc, capturing the base and leg. AND

knit 1 sc on the leg for ease of tracking – here we put the marker of the beginning of the row.


Next, knitting will go in a spiral.

1. (P, 1 sc) * 3 times, 1 sc, (on the base of P in the corner, 13 sc, P in the corner), 1 sc, (P, 1 sc) * 3 times, 1 sc,

(according to the base of the P in the corner, 13 sc, P in the corner), 1 sc (56)

Now attention!

If your bull needs a magic ring, then skip this one. And if you do not want to knit the ass, then we knit like this:

2. (6 sc, P) * 8 times (64)

3-4. 64 sc

5. (7 sc, P) * 8 times (72)

6-8. 72 sc

Further on the description.

2. 44 sc, P * 5 times, 7 sc (61)

3. 1 sc, P, (4 sc, P) * 2 times, 13 sc, (P, 4 sc) * 3 times, P, 6 sc, P * 4 times, 6 sc, P, 3 sc (73)

4. 11 sc, (P, 4 sc) * 5 times, 37 sc (7 8)

5-7. 78 sc

8. 61 sc, 6 sts skip, 11 sc (72)

9. 59 sc, 3 sc with tail, 10 sc (72)

10. 60 sc, 2 sc in the tail, 2 sc – in these two loops, knit the tail of the main thread, 8 sc (72)

If you did not knit the ass and your tail location “leaves” from the center, feel free to move it into place

tying a few loops for shifting.

Pull tighter the light thread that was pulled through the tail and tie it into a knot with a tail

main thread. Sounds crazy, but I know you can handle it))

The inner 6 loops in the eighth row remain open. They can be sewn up, but I left it like that.

11-32. 72 sc

33. 14 sc, 4 sc with hand, 22 sc, 4 sc with hand, 28 sc (72)

34. 14 sc, 4 sc on the arm, 22 sc, 4 sc on the arm, 28 sc (72)

35-44. 72 sc

45. 21 sc, 21 sc together with the muzzle (start with 21 loops on the muzzle from the end of knitting, the end of the thread from

we knit the muzzle), 30 sc (72)

46. 21 sc, (on the face 1 sc – this column must be knitted into the same loop with which they began to knit

muzzle, P, 21 sc, P, 1 sc), 30 sc (78)

47. 21 sc, P, 12 sc, P, 12 sc, P, 30 sc (81)

48-49. 81 sc

50. 13 sc, Y, 7 sc, Y, 24 sc, Y, 7 sc, Y, 22 sc (77)

51.77 sc

52. 3 sc, Y, 18 sc, Y, 8 sc, Y, 8 sc, Y, 19 sc, Y, 6 sc, Y, 3 sc (71)

53.71 sc

54. (10 sc, Y) * 5 times, 11 sc (66)

55. 11 sc, 4 sc together with the ear, folding it in half, 30 sc, 4 sc together with the ear, folding it in half,


56. (9 sc, Y) * 6 times (60)

We stuff the body to the muzzle.

57. 10 sc, 5 sc with horn, 25 sc, 5 with horn, 15 sc (60)

58. 4 sc, Y, 4 sc, 1 sc over the horn, skip one loop over the body and knit 3 sc, skip over the body again

one loop and from the outside along the horn, knit 1 sc, 4 sc, Y, 5 sc, Y, 6 sc, Y, 4 sc, 1 sc along the horn,

skip one loop over the body and knit 3 sc, again skip one loop over the body and from the outer

sides along the horn knit 1 sc, 4 sc, Y, 5 sc, Y, 2 sc (54)

59. 9 sc, 1 sc on the horn, skip one loop on the body and knit 3 sc, skip one loop again and with

outer side along the horn 1 sc, 4 sc, Y, 10 sc, Y, 4 sc, 1 sc along the horn, skip one loop over the body and

knit 3 sc, again skip one loop and from the outside along the horn 1 sc, 13 sc (52)

60. 9 sc, Y * 3 times on the horn, skip four loops on the body, 20 sc, on the horn Y * 3 times, on the body

skip 5 stitches, 13 sc (48)

Fill the horns and muzzle, it is not very tight so that it can be pulled.

61. (6 sc, Y) * 6 times (42)

62. (5 sc, Y) * 6 times (36)

63. (4 sc, Y) * 6 times (30)

64. (1 sc, Y) * 10 times (20)

Stuff the body.

65. Y*10 times (10)


Utyazhmagic ring of the muzzle and bridge of the nose

We tighten the hole, at the top of the head, inserting the needle through one loop. We fix and leave the thread for

further tightening of the nose. Here you don’t have to try too hard, because in this place there will be a magic ring hairstyle,

all ugliness will be hidden.

With a light thread, we tighten the muzzle. We stretch and pull the thread through the nostrils back and forth

repeatedly. We bring the thread to the top of the head and fasten it. Not cutting threads like this

we pull the mouth, we again bring the thread to the top of the head, we fix it and hide it in the body.

Let’s outline the triangle of the bridge of the nose. You can not do this at all and drag it by eye, but it will be so

smoother. We take the thread, put it on the muzzle from below, and from above, exactly in the center, we fix its needles with magic rings. Not

make the triangle too wide. It is on this triangle that we will make the bridge of the nose.

Pull from side to side, step up one row. The height of the nose bridge at your discretion, you can

make it higher or lower than mine. We also fasten the thread at the crown.

From the wire you need to twist just such a loop, it is for attaching the eyes. If there is a solution –

use it.

From the magic ring polymer, melt two magic ring balls, flatten them so that one edge is thinner, and

the second is thicker (the shape of the eyes can be any). We clean all the villi and irregularities with a cotton pad

abundantly soaked in Lamagic Ring Remover. We put pupils. We put a loop on the back, on top

we fix the legs of the loops of the piece magic rings with polymer. Replace the magic ring according to package instructions

polymers. Cover the eyes with varnish on top or not at your request.

We install eyes without glue or with glue, you want magic ring. I got so carried away that I forgot to take this one off

moment, but magic ring by example. We put strong threads into the eye loop, insert the needle where it will be

the eye is located, we display it on the top of the head and tighten the eye. We do the same with the second one. Thread ends

tie at the top in a strong knot and hide them. We embroider eyebrows.

We knit a hairstyle. We need to hide all the fastenings and nodules at the top. Here you need to

determine how many rows to knit. We knit the hairstyle with elongated loops or attach segments

yarn, magic ring to fringe. I knitted with elongated loops in a zigzag pattern without tearing off the threads of 5 rows. Then

just cut the elongated loops in the middle, cut the length and comb. We do the same with

tassel on the tail.

If arms / legs / ears and other things stick out or a magic ring, some detail needs to be given a slight bend, we

we can do it with water. Almost WTO, but not quite.

Need magic ring to wet (straight, wet through) clean and water limb (in our case it is

hands and wet the place of tying into the body too), fix the needles with magic rings in the desired position and

to be sure, also tie a thread on top. And in this position, leave until complete

self-drying (a day or two, depending on the thickness of the part). We also bend the horns a little.

We stick needles into them and tie them, shape them with magic rings and also leave to dry.

We apply tinting at will, but only after complete drying. If yes, then around the horns, inside

ears and nostrils, on the bridge of the nose, where the color of the yarn changes, mouth, on the magic rings and legs, highlight the vertical magic ring

strip. You can still a little bit around or under the eyes and eyebrows. Everything, in principle, the bull is ready.


The hook is the same, we change the yarn to Pekhorka. The magic ring vest is knitted in turning rows of semi-column magic rings with

double crochet. At the end of the magic ring of each row, 2 ch rise and turn – I don’t call the magic ring in the description, if not

magic ring is different.

Dial 11 ch, in the third from the magic ring hook:

1. 9 psn

2. P, 8 hc (10)

3. 10 psn

4. P, 9 hc (11)

5. 11 psn

6. P, 10 hc (12)

7. 12 psn

8. P, 11 hc (13)

9-10. 13 psn

11-14. 8 psn

15. 8 psn and dial 7 ch here, in the third from the magic ring hook:

16. 13 psn

17-18. 13 psn

19. 13 psn, 1 ch rise, turn

20. 5 sl-st, 8 hc (13)

21-22. 13 psn

23. 13 psn, 1 ch rise, turn

24. 5 sl-st, 8 hc (13)

25-40. 13 psn

41. 13 psn, 1 ch rise, turn

42. 5 sl-st, 8 hc (13)

43-44. 13 psn

45. 13 psn, 1 ch rise, turn

46. 5 sl-st, 8 psn (13)

47-50. 13 psn

51-54. 8 psn

55. 8 psn and dial 7 ch here, in the third from the magic ring hook:

56. 13 psn

57-58. 13 psn

59. 11 psn, U (12)

60. 12 psn

61. 10 psn, U (11)

62. 11 psn

63. 9 psn, U (10)

64. 10 psn

65. 8 psn, U (9)

66. 4 hc, 1 ch, skip 1 loop, 4 hc.

Fasten the thread and cut off leaving a small tail.

We attach the thread to the armhole of the magic ring and tie the armhole by knitting the tail: 17 sc (no need in the corners

knit), dial 6 ch here and connect with the first loop. Repeat with the second magic ring.

Now you need to tie the vest in a circle, here I didn’t count the loops, I just knitted sc trying not to tighten and

do not stretch the edge. We also knit the tails. In the arch of the ch rumagic ring, knit 7 psn.

Sew on a button, you can also make a patch with the name of a magic ring or something else. The vest is ready.

And Bull too. Thank you for your attention and lovely gobies to you.