Long Hair Girl Amigurumi Crochet Free Pattern

Dear followers, today we will share with you the recipe for a girl with long hair. Welcome to Bykonsept. Today, you will meet one of our most beautiful and special recipes, the long-haired girl crochet pattern. You may have knitted many amigurumi girl recipes. However, there are some amigurumi girl recipes that are very special.
We have shared many recipes with you before. Some of these are amigurumi seal, amigurumi fish, amigurumi cat, amigurumi deer, amigurumi doll, amigurumi bear, amigurumi octopus not only amigurumi girl recipe. You must have liked our free amigurumi recipes.
You will also love the amigurumi long-haired girl recipe that we will knit today. Children also love the amigurumi girl child.
Especially since it is the only toy that is a friend of girls.
How about knitting this beautiful girl recipe together?
Let’s start knitting the amigurumi girl then…

Necessary materials:

1. İncyaza milky jeans (number 05) per doll need less

momagic ring

2. Hook, I knit number 2

3. Wear jeans of any color for the dress

4. İncyaja Alize soft baby (I have color number 612)

5. Needles, I use number 2

6. Eyes. Diameter 6mm

7. Doll hair

8. Magic ring needle

9. Nitmagic ring sewing in the color of tresl-st (hair)

10. Button, beads, etc. to decorate the dress

11. Filler


For hookmagic ring

Magic ring – amigurumi ring

Air loop

Sc single crochet

Sl-st connecting post

Decdecab magic ring (it’s better to make invisible decave!!! See the tutorials on


İncincibavmagic ring

For knitting needles

Lp – facial loops

Ip – purl loops

Dec- 2 inc sts together

İnc – incbavmagic ring, knit two inc in one loop (see the lesson on YouTube)

H – nakid

The body of the doll was knitted according to the scheme pupsimagic ring Yo-yo with my changes

I knit the head and body separately. Because in my mind inc this head

looks better than what we will knit it.


Eyes can be knitted in the course of knitting, but it is more convenient for me to knit first

head, fill it, incish to the body, then incish tresl-sta and only then

glue eyes. The position of the eyes will depend on which magic ring you are.

incishite tresl-sty, therefore, for the first time, I recommend eyes

Incline later, after incising the hair.

1 p. 6 sc in a magic ring

2r. 6 incs (12)

3r. (1 sc, inc)*6 (18)

4r. 1 sc, inc, (2 sc, inc)*5 times, 1 sc (24)

5r. (3sc, inc)*6 (30)

6r. 2sc, inc, (4sc, inc)*5 times, 2 sc (36)

7 p. (5sc, inc)*6 (42)

8r. 3 sc, inc, (6 sc, inc) * 5 times, 3 sc (48)

9r. (7sc, inc)*6 (54)

10 rub. 4 sc, inc, (8 sc, inc) * 5 times, 4 sc (60)

11r. (9sc, inc)*6 (66)

12 rubles -21 p. 66 sc (10 rows)

22 p. (9sc, dec)*6 times (60)

23 p. (8sc, dec)*6 times (54)

24 p. (7sc, dec)*6 times (48)

25 p. (6sc, dec)*6 times (42)

26 p. (5sc, dec)*6 times (36)

27 p. (4sc, dec)*6 times (30)

28 p. (3sc, dec)*6 times (24)

29 p. (2sc, dec)*6 times (18)

30 r. (1sc, dec)*6 times (12)

At the end of sl-st, break the thread.

Stuff your head. Girls, fill your head well, tightly,

spread the filler evenly, in the places of the cheeks, give

more attention, you should get an EVEN ball

Hands, 2 parts.

1r. 6 sc in a magic ring

2r. 6 incs (12)

3r. (5 sc, inc) * 2 times (14)

4-7 p. 14 sc (4 rows)

8r. (5 sc, dec) * 2 times (12)

9-15r. 12 sc (7 rows)

16r. (4 sc, dec) * 2 times (10)

17r. 10 sc

Fill your hand a little more than half

Fold in half and knit in both

side 5 sc (last loop

inco knit sl-st)

Legs 2 pcs, body

1r. 6 sc in a magic ring

2r. 6 incs (12)

3r. (2 sc, inc) * 4 times (16)

4-13 p. 16 sc (10 rows)

14r. (3 sc, inc) * 4 times (20)

We knit the second leg in the same way, only we do not break the thread, but we knit


15 rubles 3 CH, take the second leg and put the hook into the 14th loop with a magic ring (for

so that the end of the second leg is behind) NOW WILL BE HERE

START OF KNITTING, we knit 20 sc, 3 sc in CH, 20 sc in the first

leg, 3 sc on CH(46)

16-18 p. 46 sc

Now we will make decave, try to make them according to magic rings

19r. 9sc, dec, 21sc, dec, 12sc (44)

20 rub. 44 sc

21r. 9sc, dec, 20sc, dec, 11sc (42)

22r. 42 sc

23r. 9sc, dec, 19sc, dec, 10sc (40)

24r. 40 sc

25 rub. 9sc, dec, 18sc, dec, 9sc (38)

26r. 8 sc, dec, 18 sc, dec, 8 sc (36)

27r. 9sc, dec, 16sc, dec, 7sc (34)

28r. 8 sc, dec, 15 sc, dec, 7 sc (32)

29r. 8 sc, dec, 14 sc, dec, 6 sc (30)

30 rub. 8 sc, dec, 13 sc, dec, 5 sc (28)

31r. 7 sc, dec, 12 sc, dec, 5 sc (26)

Let’s tie our hands

32r. 6 sc over the body, then take

arm and together with the body we knit

5 sc, then 8 sc body, take

the second hand and inco knit together

with the body 5 sc, knit further body

2 sc (26)

33 p. 7 sc, dec, 11 sc, dec, 4 sc (24)

34r. (2sc, dec)*6 times (18)

Now we knit the neck

Knit two or three rows of 18 sc. Stop magic ring sl-st, make sure he

was behind our doll. Leave the thread authentic, we will be it

incise the head to the body.

It is good to fill the legs, stomach, neck. İncishit head to body, at the end,

when there is a small area left for incishing – add more

fold the neck and then incise to the end


And now comes the most interesting –

dress up our doll, incish her

hair and glue eyes

Magic ring

Amigurumi Girl

Knitted on two knitting needles No. 2, incyaza alize softy baby, color No. 612

If someone does not know how to knit, there are a lot of useful

lessons on the basics of knitting. Beanie magic ring is very easy to knit. Not

be afraid to incubate, even if you have never kept knitting needles in

rumagic rings!!! You have to start sometime!

Because we all knit in different ways, someone is very tight, someone is weaker, someone stuffs the part a lot, someone is weaker. This depends on the size

toys, and, consequently, the size of clothes.

Therefore, it is necessary to CONSTANTLY measure the clothes of the doll, if

you see that you need to add or, on the contrary, decavite a few loops,

then don’t be afraid to untie the item and reconnect, the result will be

worth it!)

I knitted the hat with a garter stitch, i.e. all rows of facial loops. To

to increase the width of the cap, first knit a sample of 15-20 loops,

rows 5-7. Calculate according to the sample how many loops in 1 cm. Then

measure the circumference of your head and multiply the resulting number by the number of

loops in 1 cm. As a result, you will get the number of loops that you

will need to dial for our cap.

I cast on 48 stitches.

1-30 row – LP (should be 5.5 cm in height)

Do not forget to measure our knitting to the doll’s head

Closer to the crown, we make decave,

31r. (6ls, dec)*6 times (42)

32r. 42 lb

33r. (5lv, dec)*6 times (36)

34r. 36 lb

35r. (4lv, dec)*6 times (30)

36r. 30 lb

37r. (3lv, dec)*6 times (24)

38r. (2ls, dec)*6 times (18)

Break the thread, leaving the end for

Inc. Take a needle through

ALL remaining HOOPS inc. pull the needle and thread (see photo),

carefully pull off (because the thread may break if you pull hard)

fasten and sew a hat

Ears 2 parts:

Crocheted No. 2.

1r. 6 pillar in magic ring,

2r. 6 incs (12)

3r. (1sc, inc)*6 times (18)

4r. (2sc, inc)*6 times (24)

5r. (3sc, inc)* 6 times (30)

6-8r. 30 sc

Fold the eyelet in half and inco-knit behind both walls 15 sc (last

I always knit the magic ring to sl-st) break the thread, leaving a small end

for incishing.

I incised my ears like this – I put a hat on my head (WITHOUT hair), outlined

a place for ears and incyams on the head neatly incised the ears to the hat

(look don’t incise to the head!!!)

Boots 2 parts

Crocheted No. 2.

1r. 6 columns in a magic ring,

2r. 6 incs (12)

3r. (1sc, inc)*6 times (18)

4-8 p. 18 sc

I knit the last loop magic ring to sl-st.

Do not break the thread, first make an incimerka on the legs of the pupa,

if the length suits you, then the thread can be safely cut off, and if

think that boots can be made taller, then add more

several rows of 18 sc.

 I’m left-handed, so I incise on the left


Exactly one strip of magic ring tresl-st leaves my head.

TIP: if you see that you are missing a strip of hair, and

there are no other tresl-st, then it is necessary to rip off that amount from below

tresl-st, which we need to close the top of the head

I begin to incise behind incimerously on the 16th row of the head.

In front, the extreme strip tresl-st inc goes along the 9th row.

Behind the crackles I incise through the row, and in front I incise on the magic ring each

row of the head to avoid incolights when we get closer to the crown,

then we incise tresl-sts both in front and behind on the magic ring for each row. cut off

an extra piece of tresl-st, twist it, fix it with a needle and thread

and glue with hot glue to the top of the head. With an iron and

wet rags hair styled at your discretion.



At the end, be sure to trim the bottom of the hair with sharp scissors (for

me special scissors for cutting)


We knit on two knitting needles No. 2, and the magic ring on 4 knitting needles

Cast on 24 loops.

1 r – 24 sl

2r. – 24 lbs

3r. 20 sts, cast off two sts, 1 st (closing the loops, we do

button hole)

4r. 2 RL, cast on 2 sts (magic ring? See tutorials on YouTube), 17 pi, 3 RL

5r. (raglan) 4 PL., Nakid, LP., Nakid, 3 LP, yarn over, LP, yarn, 6 LP,

yarn over, LP, yarn over, 3lp, yarn over, LP, yarn over, LP

6r. 3 slp, 26 sp, 3 lv

7r. 5LP, yarn over, yarn over, yarn over, 5 yarn over, yarn over, yarn over, yarn over, yarn over, 8 yarn over, yarn over,

LP, yarn over, 5 LP, yarn over, LP, yarn over, 5 LP

8r. 3 lv, 34 sp, 3 lv

9r. 6 LP, yarn over, yarn over, yarn over, 7 LP, yarn over, LP, yarn over, 10 LP, yarn over,

LP, yarn over, 7 LP, yarn over, LP, yarn over, 6 LP

10 rub. 3lv, 42 sp, 3 lv

11r. 7lp, 11 loops to remove not knitted on an additional knitting needle (or magic ring to me –

on a thread, see photo), 12lp, 11 remove on an additional knitting needle (or magic ringk i – on a thread,

see photo), 7lv

12 rubles 3 lvl, 20 ip, 3 lvl

13r. In this row, we do this: we knit (1lp, incib) to the end of the row,

the last two loops incosto inco knit the magic ring to lp

14r. IP

15 p. In this row, we knit like this (2lp, incib) to the end of the row,

the last two loops incosto inco knit the magic ring to lp

16r. IP

17r. -32 p. Front surface (in even rows, all loops are front, in

odd – purl


length does not suit – add more rows

33-35r. LP (three rows)

Close loops.

Make sure the dress is not too long.

Magic ringva

We have 11 loops on additional knitting needles. We knit 4 knitting needles in a circle.

1r. (k1, inc) to end of row, last st inc to st. Happened

16 loops. Now we knit in a circle with facial loops to the desired one.

long (I got 12 rows). Loops close

Dress design:

Sew up the underarm holes with magic rings, sew the dress in half (see photo),

inc sew a button, embroider with beads in front (I used

regular sewing thread for this)

I glue my eyes, focusing on the hair (somewhere between 5 and 6

rows). Blush cheeks with blush