Amigurumi Flower Duck Free Crochet Pattern

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Free crochet description.

The description was based on MK duck magic ring in Chinese. Partially able to translate
body description only. The rest I thought out and incidumyval itself.
Size duckling magic ring – 9 cm.

Materials used: Symbols:

  • İncyaja Children’s noveltymagic ring(50g./200m.) – MAGİC RİNG– amigurumi ring
  • Hook 1.5 mm. – sc – single crochet
  • Half-decay black d=6 mm. – sl-st – connecting column
  • Hollofiber or sintepuh – inc – inc bonus
  • Scissors, Stitching needle – dec
  • Adhesive gel second
  • Plastic circle d=30 mm.

İnciatno knitting and light loops!

Head + Body

  1. MAGİC RİNG6 sc
    2.6inc (12)
  2. (1 sc, inc)*6 (18)
  3. (2 sc, inc)*6 (24)
  4. (3 sc, inc)*6 (30)
    6-8. (thirty)
  5. 10 sc, 2inc, 6 sc, 2inc, 10 sc(34)
  6. 10 sc, (1 sc, inc)2, inc, 4 sc, inc, (inc, 1 sc)2, 10 sc(40)
    11.12. (40)
  7. 10 sc, (1 sc, dec)2, dec, 4 sc, dec, (dec, 1 sc)2, 10 sc(34)
  8. 10 sc, 2dec, 6 sc, 2dec, 10 sc(30)
  9. 7 sc, 16 sc rear Art. loops (we will incise the flower behind the front loop), 7 sc (30)
    16-18. (thirty)
  10. (4 sc, inc) * 6 (36)
  11. (36)
  12. (5 sc, inc) * 6 (42)
  13. (42)
  14. (6 sc, inc)*6 (48)
    24-27. (48)
  15. (4 sc, dec) * 8 (40)
  16. (3 sc, dec)*8 (32)
    Fill the body tightly with filler.
    We pay special attention to the cheeks.
    We insert a round bottom d = 30 mm into the body of the duckling magic ring cut out of plastic magic ring.
  17. (2 sc, dec) * 8 (24)
  18. (1 sc, dec) * 8 (16)
    Cut the thread and knit the tip.
    Incline eyes between rows 8 and 9, 4 sts apart. To do this, we make a small
    eye tightener.


  1. MAGİC RİNG6 sc
  2. 3inc, 3sc(9)
    Cut the thread and knit all the ends.
    Turn inside out and incide the shape of the beak.
    Glue between cheeks.

Lapmagic ring(2 pcs)

  1. MAGİC RİNG6 sc
  2. (1 sc, inc)*3 (9)
    3.4. (nine)
  3. Connect the edges and inco knit 5 sc
    Cut the thread and knit the tip.
    It turned out the lower part of the paw.

Next, we knit the upper part.
On the foot, dial 6 sc in a circle.
İnco knit 3 rows of 6 sc.
You can add some filler.
Paws are ready. Leave a long thread.
İncishit to the body.

Wing (2 pcs)

  1. MAGİC RİNG6 sc
    2.6inc (12)
    3-7. (12)
  2. Connect the edges and inco knit 6 sc.
    Leave the thread for incishing.
    İncishit below the 17th row.

Petal (10 pcs)
We knit a petal either immediately with the wrong side, or first with the front side, and
Turn inside out after 5th row.

  1. MAGIC RING5 sc
    2.5inc (10)
    3-5. (ten)
  2. 1dec, ss.
    Cut off the thread and knit the ends of all the petals except the last one.
    At the 10th petal of the magic ring, we do not cut off the thread and begin to connect all the other petals together
    with single crochet hooks on both sides of the petal. On every petal
    inc we knit 4 sc. Next, we connect the petals in a circle with a connecting column.
    Leave a long thread to incise the flower.
    İncishivaem: from the bottom to the 15th row, from the top in the center of the head, and from the sides behind the cheeks.

Cut into 10 pieces of white color inc about 5 cm long.
Take 2 pieces, fold them in half. Crochet the loops of the body. İncfix all
cuts in two rows. In the bottom row you get 6 segments, in the upper 4 segments. cut the threads
to the desired length and fluff the ponytail with a needle.

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