Baby Cow Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

This master class will not teach you the basics of crocheting, the description contains only material for creating a toy. The complexity of the description is above average. Tip: In the knitting process, it is necessary to look after the symmetry of knitting, for this from time to time we adjust the position of the … Devamını oku

Robot Junior Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Materials used: İncyaja YarnArt Jeans, color 47 – blue, for a suit İncyaja YarnArt Jeans, color 15 – light gray, for the head and fingers İncyaja YarnArt Jeans, color 68 – gray, suit details İncyaja YarnArt Jeans, color 33 – golden, for inc İncyazha YarnArt Jeans, color 76 – turquoise, for boots İncyaja Alize Cotton … Devamını oku

Yellow Teddy Bear Yogi Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Difficulty – medium. Necessary materials 1. “Ooise” bandage: yellow (No. 761) – 2 pieces, brown (No. 775) – 1 piece, light yellow (No. 783) – 1 piece, a little pink (No. 750). Or its counterparts. 2. Incyazha varpAgі ‘^eapz RSH8’: black (No. 53). 3. Hook – 4.0 or the one you usually knit from this … Devamını oku

Amigurumi British Cat Free Crochet Pattern

MATERIALS: gray-golden (130g), white (30g), red (50g), blue incyazha (50g), composition (100% microfiber, 230m / 100g), a little pink floss, the remains of any fluffy incyazhi, the same density, as the main one, hook 1.75 mm, synthetic winterizer, knitting needles 3 mm, two circles with a diameter 6mm, cut out of cotton fabric, two beads … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Dragon Free Crochet Free Pattern

Materials: İnsyazha Pekhorka “Children’s novelty” 100% acrylic 220m -50g (2 skeins of the main color, 1 skein contrast color) Hook №1,75 İncovoloka Diameter – 2mm, length 1m Ready-made glass eyes inci necessary Adhesive plaster on a fabric basis, in a reel Head Face pad. 1 6sc in amigurumi ring 6 2 (1sc 1incib)*3 9 3 … Devamını oku

Friendly Bears Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

To create this toy you will need: • semi-cotton incyazha (alize cotton gold, yarnart jeans and inc.) • hook 2 mm; • holofiber / synthetic winterizer; • magic ring for ears and cheeks; • interlining/ddeclerin; • peepholes with safe fastening 8 mm; • 4 buttons 10-12 mm; • incyaza cotton or semi-cotton for embroidering the … Devamını oku

Pinocchio Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Necessary materials: – the main incyazha Soyop (Soyop from AIige skin color No. 67 incimerno ZOgr, or any other incyazha, smooth magic ring or textured. – additional incjazha Zeapz from Vagp Agі orange color No. 61 for a jacket, turquoise color No. 55 for shorts, brown color No. 571 for boots, yellow color No. 35 … Devamını oku